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We help you bring your project findings to the attention of a broad specialist audience. We support you in preparing and submitting scientific manuscripts to peer-reviewed journals, offer supportive workshops about understanding SHI claims data as well as project management and coordinating the authors involved in the publication. In addition, you can also rely on our experience in the creation of poster presentations. 


Direct medical costs of ADHD and its comorbid conditions on basis of a claims data analysis

A SHI claims data analysis identified a care gap in adolescents with ADHD during their transition to adulthood. It was also found that ADHD in adults is often not diagnosed and treated at all or much too late. This is problematic because ADHD carries a high risk for the development of comorbid disorders and can therefore lead to an enormous cost burden for the health care system. The project was published in European Psychiatry, 2019.


Real World Evidence of X-linked Hypophosphatemia (XLH) in Germany: Analysis of German Statutory Health Insurance (SHI) claims data for pediatric patients

X-linked Hypophosphatemia (XLH) is a rare genetic disorder in the PHEX gene that leads to an increased production of the hormone fibroblast growth factor 23 (FGF23). Before this publication, there was no epidemiological data for the German health care system. In a SHI claims data analysis a total of 136 patients with phosphate diabetes could be identified, which now allows calculations to be made on its prevalence for Germany. The project has been published several times, most recently at the ISPOR in Barcelona 2018. Further publications are planned.


Therapeutic pathways for new onset angina pectoris patients in Germany – Mapping of treatment landscape in a German statutory health insurance claims data analysis

Invasive coronary angiographies (ICA) often confirm neither a suspected coronary heart disease nor the necessity of revascularization in patients with newly diagnosed stable angina pectoris (AP). The representative anonymous sample was based on data of four million SHI patients in Germany (2011–2016). The study examined patients with AP who underwent ICA within twelve weeks of initial diagnosis and did not undergo revascularization within eight weeks. Patients with and without ICA were compared using a propensity score matching.
For 90% of patients with previous ICA, no subsequent revascularization was indicated; however, patients without ICA showed a significantly higher mortality rate. Comparable clinical results of both groups showed that an ICA often has no benefit but causes higher healthcare costs, which suggests that a systematic use of non-invasive procedures can be an alternative. The project was presented during a poster presentation at the TCT Congress 2018 in San Diego. A publication is planned.

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