Patient Journey & Health Economic Reality

To analyze and assess the patient experience running through the healthcare system and being treated in more detail, it is essential to break down the underlying illness / treatment scheme in small digestible parts. Only on this level one can understand where potential value can be contributed and how business can be won. The dissemination of health economic realities required but is complex and resource-intensive.

Based on our approach, focusing on claims data (e.g. GKV Routinedaten), we show our clients the health economic reality including costs of therapy in their target markets and offer accurate analyses regarding both effective market approach and access. In accordance with the obtained results potentials can be identified and action strategies can be recommended and implemented.

The result comprises a commercial model based on a clear picture of reality, not “just an approximation”. Our clients benefit from exclusive insights and access to core participants within the healthcare system. This leads to cost reductions, interface optimization, and a more healthy revenue position due to the ability to capitalize on dynamic patient potentials.

Our Services

In order to achieve a holistic view regarding the status quo we begin with an analysis of the patient journey and the health economic reality.