Our Services

Market Access and HEOR

To leverage the value of your product and achieve maximum commercial success, your challenge is to build and communicate a strong value proposition to the right group of stakeholders at the right time.

Brand Compliance Audit

Ever-increasing and more complex compliance demands pose a huge challenge for all stakeholders within the healthcare sector. Overcoming this challenge is a mission-critical milestone.

Biotech Commercial Consulting

To remain competitive in any given market, companies must assess the market and revenue potential of their products, as well as regular Value Assessment and Investment planning.

Patient Journey & Health Economic Reality

To analyze and assess the patient experience running through the healthcare system and being treated in more detail, it is essential to break down the underlying illness / treatment scheme in small digestible parts.

Innovative Commercial Models

Pharmaceutical and MedTech companies are increasingly confronted with access problems that require an increasing but inefficient use of resources.

German Market Entry Facilitation

For companies with limited experience of or presence in Germany, market entry with a drug or device can be a daunting challenge.