Innovative Commercial Models

Pharmaceutical and MedTech companies are increasingly confronted with access problems that require an increasing but inefficient use of resources. This raises the question of whether reach, effectiveness and efficiency in the product lifecycle can still be balanced.

We break through cost intensive entry barriers with the use of a broader, more specific, effective, and efficient customer approach. In doing so we combine the unique offerings of the Vendus Group in the fields of digital, tele-sales, and market coordination to generate a hybrid commercial model for our Pharmaceutical and MedTech clients. We design and implement innovate commercials models to maximize market success and handle scarce resources in both Pharmaceutical and MedTech markets.

Our clients benefit from better accessibility of their target customers (reach), clearer market communication (effectiveness), and an optimized use of resources (efficiency).

Services Overview

Tele-sales represents huge upside potential in terms of differentiating oneself from a competitor.