Health economics / HEOR

Representing reality instead of approximating reality - in order to realise this maxim in the best possible way for our customers, analyses with SHI claims data are indispensable.

We provide an in-depth look into the care reality (Real World Data / Real World Evidence) in Germany while observing the standards and guidelines of secondary data analysis and data protection regulations. On the basis of patient characteristics, treatment patterns, guideline-conforming therapy and healthcare cost, we create patient journeys, identifying optimization potential and deriving recommendations for action.

In our health economic analyses and models (HEOR), we evaluate the patient-specific benefits arising from new therapy approaches and product innovations, taking into account the different views of the German health market stakeholders.

Step 1:
Based on SHI claims data analyses we offer you deep insights into the care reality in Germany are possible and recommendations for action.

Step 2:
We help you create awareness of the project results publications.